I have been working on the Google Summer of Code Project : Click Board Support through Greybus  , which aims to bring in support for MikroElektronika Click Boards through Greybus Simulator , I was able to set up and bring in support for some of the Click boards through Greybus Simulator and passing the properties related to the Click Board device driver manipulating the product string and vendor string properties in the manifest, however I am stuck now as some of the click boards require additional platform data(like Reset Pin, Interrupts..etc) passed to the spi_new_device/i2c_new_device calls, does Greybus allow passing of these parameters to the driver, if so can someone guide me with the documentation for the same or point me a suitable example so that I can implement the solution in the project.

 If greybus doesn't allow for passing these parameters what would be the ideal way to bring in support for these click boards(which mostly uses SPI/I2C interfaces) through the greybus subsystem?.

Thanks and Regards

Vaishnav M A
GSoC '19 Student Under Beagleboard.org