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In my LAVA pipeline I have the following snippet:

    - to:
       method: email
       mail: diego.russo@arm.com
      status: finished
    verbosity: verbose

When the job ends though I'm not receiving any email. I've looked at the documentation, but I couldn’t find anything about mail configuration. Logs also are not very helpful to debug this issue.
How/where can I configure the email client? I'm also interested in changing the "from:" field.

​The email client is the one installed on the base system. All the configuration for that is standard Debian admin. If you can send email from the command line mail program, you will generally be able to send email from django. exim4 is installed by default, that has support for all the email features you would need. Only the master sends notifications, so it is only the master that needs MTA configuration.

To send email, LAVA relies on the basic Django email support using a standard sendmail interface​



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