I have two questions to ask:

I am using the lava to boot the D02 board, it can successfully execute before. But it failed  after I update the uefi and rewrite the config file.  But when I execute the config file manually, it succeed booting the board. And I can figure out what is wrong.  The version of LAVA I used is 2015.9.post1, and I use LAVA v1.

From the figure, we can see it is strucked when booting the kernel.


The log file of the lava job, the log of boot manually and the config file  has been attached. 

The uefi  is used need to control by cursor movement, so I need to send KEY-DOWN in the d02.conf file. But when I use 'sendline "\033[A"'  or ‘sendline "\16[A"', I found it can not work in the LAVA. So I want to know if we have any method to realize it? 

Thank you very much.
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wuyanjun (Elaine)

Hisilicon Turing Software and Architecture