Not sure where to report LAVA bugs, https://wiki.linaro.org/LAVA indicates I should use the Linaro bugzilla but it seems to be closed? Anyway, I think there's an issue with the CSV result export in LAVA 2018.2, can anyone confirm?

Example CSV: https://validation.linaro.org/results/1686046/csv

The first line of the CSV file is:
[u'job', u'suite', u'result', u'measurement', u'unit', u'duration', u'timeout', u'logged', u'level', u'metadata', u'url', u'name', u'id']1686046,12_bootchart-stop,pass,None,,,,2018-02-28 05:01:35.935783+00:00,,"{'case': 'generate-bootchart-graphic', 'definition': '12_bootchart-stop', 'result': 'pass'}",/results/testcase/2871860,generate-bootchart-graphic,2871860

.. when it probably should've been two lines:
1686046,12_bootchart-stop,pass,None,,,,2018-02-28 05:01:35.935783+00:00,,"{'case': 'generate-bootchart-graphic', 'definition': '12_bootchart-stop', 'result': 'pass'}",/results/testcase/2871860,generate-bootchart-graphic,2871860

I believe the issue is 1) a missing linebreak after the header-line and 2) the formatting of the header line (drop the Python repr stuff).