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Refer to https://validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/1890179,I had run a test case in real board successfully
The nfsrootfs image is too big ,it took too many download time in every test. So I put kernel  nfs and dtb image files on  tftp server,  then delete deploy action and add a few boot action commands to specify tftp addr...   The parameters(login_prompt&usrname&prompts) of the boot action are same with success version(has deploy action):
- boot:
    connection: telnet localhost 7000

That needs to be in the device dictionary, not the test job.

    method: u-boot
    ##note the fellow commands lines is new added,the success version(has deploy action)that commands line is only "commands:nfs"
    - setenv serverip
    - tftp 0x8...0000 zImage_arm_1

Those need to be in the device-type Jinja2 file as instruction blocks so that the values can be substituted properly.

    - tftp 0x4...0000 dtb_arm_1 
    - setenv nfsroot  rootfs_1
    - boot
      login_prompt: "arm login:"
      username: root
    - root@arm:~#
      minutes: 3
After job submited,the log display that kernel startup and rootfs  mount ok,  but  it always failed at login error.
error log lines:
err info:lava-test-shell: Wait for prompt ['root@arm:~#', 'Login incorrect', 'Login timed out', 'lava-test: # '] (timeout 00:05:00)
Nothing to run. Maybe the 'deploy' stage is missing, otherwise this is a bug which should be reported.

In addition, does the uboot prompts(u-boot=>) no need to describe in boot action section? In other words the prompts auto_login is only described for kernel?

That doesn't make any sense, sorry. The U-Boot prompt is used between interrupting the U-Boot autoboot and starting the boot of the kernel. auto_login prompts are only used AFTER the kernel boots, to recognise the OS.



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