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I am getting the below error while adding device-dictionary for my device “xyz” for my worker “worker”

$ sudo lava-tool device-dictionary http://worker@url/RPC2/ xyz --update xyz.jinja2

​lava-tool should not be used with sudo - it is a personal client and stores things in your home directory.

It is the token which gives you rights on the remote end, not the local user.​

Besides, lava-tool is deprecated, lavacli replaces it.

You can also use a simple XMLRPC client, as documented on the api/help page of the instance.

0: Why is the worker trying to update the device dictionary? That is an admin job.

1: What version of LAVA are you running on the remote instance?

2: What is in the logs of the remote instance?

​3: Do you have ssh access to the master?

4: What is the value of xyz because that needs to be a valid filename.
​5: What, exactly, are you trying to do?​


Updating device dictionary for xyz on http://worker@url/RPC2/


<Fault 400: 'Unable to store the configuration for xyz on disk'>


Please help.




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