Hello Lava-Users,

We are running tests on imxqsaberlite target in LAVA .The Lava version  that we are using is 2018.4 release.
We are facing 2 issues

1.Related to auto_login section in boot action.When we are specifying the username as root in auto_login section sometimes out of 5 tries once the root is getting changed as "oroot" due to which test execution is failing

Following is the boot action part of job definition
- boot:
    namespace: nfs_boot
    repeat: 3
    method: u-boot
    commands: nfs
      login_prompt: 'login:'
      username: root
    - 'root@mx6q:~#'
      minutes: 10

Following is the job log output

Matched prompt #6: login: Sending username root root mx6q login:root auto-login-action: Wait for prompt ['root@mx6q:~#', 'Login incorrect', 'Login timed out'] (timeout 00:07:24) orot

2.Related to the Repeat action block of LAVA https://validation.linaro.org/static/docs/v2/actions-repeats.html?highlight=repeat

We are trying to use repeat action in boot action part of job definition as we want to repeat booting of the target 3 times.Issue we are facing is it is not stopping at the end of 3 iterations of boot and it is continuing till the timeout specified duration of the job.