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Hi Xuelian,


What do you mean by boot successed? Could you please provide more details? If you don’t have boot and deploy step in job.yaml then LAVA will raise error like ‘No boot action result found’ and job will fail then.

Not rebooting a device between tests has problems because the next test does not know whether the device is in a usable state - the previous test could have caused a kernel panic.

Not deploying between tests has problems that the next test does not know what system has been deployed, so could try to run a completely impossible test (e.g. installing an OpenEmbedded package on Android).

In both cases, you have all of the problems of persistence. https://validation.linaro.org/static/docs/v2/dispatcher-design.html#persistence

Overall, it does not save you any time at all.


I think it is necessary to have boot and deploy part in your job, even if they are totally empty and did nothing. J

Not necessarily. However, persistence requires careful preparation and management of the device and *all* the test jobs.

It is *always* better to deploy and boot on every test, otherwise the results you get could be completely meaningless.


Neil please correct me if I am wrong.




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If devive have boot successedcan I skip deploy and boot step in job.yaml?


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