Hello Team,

My name is guru. i am very new to lava and i am very much interested using
lava concept for embedded linux boards for auto deployment and testing

I tried to setup the lava for bbb device. i have followed below steps for that.

> 1. installed debian on vm machine and lava-server and its component
  (jessie-backport) 2016.
> 2. just for understanding purpose i tried to add kvm job it was loaded
> 3. Now i am trying to add the BBB device on lava.
> 4. For that i have added the bbb device to dispatcher. find the conf file
> name: beaglebone-black01.conf
> content :
> device_type = beaglebone-black
> hostname = beaglebone-black01
> connection_command = telnet localhost 2003
> hard_reset: /usr/bin/reset.sh
> power_off: /usr/bin/off.sh
> power_on: /usr/bin/on.sh

> Note : i am not using pduclient. i am using my own script for control
> but it is not working while executing the hard_reset command on lava.. find
the log for more details.
> 5. My current setup is like i am controlling the bbb using serial controlled
  relay from VM host machine(debian).
> for that i made my own custom script to on.off,reset serial python code for
  controlling the relay.

> 6. after that i tried to submit the below json test job. Find My definition
  job attached.

> I have taken the below json for reference.
> https://git.linaro.org/lava-team/lava-functional-tests.git/tree/lava-test-shell/single-node/armmp-bbb-daily.json

> 7. after that i have submitted the job . find the job log for more details.

> 8. i have no idea what is going on and what went wrong on my setup.

> Help me out to boot the BBB using lava.