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Hello Lava-Users,

We are running tests on imxqsaberlite target in LAVA .The Lava version  that we are using is 2018.4 release.

​You should upgrade to 2018.5.post1 as there are security issues in 2018.4 and earlier.

We are facing 2 issues

1.Related to auto_login section in boot action.When we are specifying the username as root in auto_login section sometimes out of 5 tries once the root is getting ch
anged as "oroot" due to which test execution is failing

This has been seen with other devices. It can be a couple of things - experiment with boot_character_delay to see if slowing down the sending of characters helps the device handle the input. It could also be a firmware bug in the device. If the device supports multiple UARTs then using the second UART support may help as well. You could also change the build image to not require auto-login. Other than those, there is nothing that LAVA can do reliably here.​


Following is the boot action part of job definition
- boot:
    namespace: nfs_boot
    repeat: 3
    method: u-boot
    commands: nfs
      login_prompt: 'login:'
      username: root
    - 'root@mx6q:~#'
      minutes: 10

Following is the job log output

Matched prompt #6: login: Sending username root root mx6q login:root auto-login-action: Wait for prompt ['root@mx6q:~#', 'Login incorrect', 'Login timed out'] (timeout 00:07:24) orot

2.Related to the Repeat action block of LAVA https://validation.linaro.org/static/docs/v2/actions-repeats.html?highlight=repeat

We are trying to use repeat action in boot action part of job definition as we want to repeat booting of the target 3 times.Issue we are facing is it is not stopping at the end of 3 iterations of boot and it is continuing till the timeout specified duration of the job.

Many devices have issues with repeating reboots within test jobs. Investigate by expressing each boot as a separate boot block instead of using repeat and make sure that your namespaces are correct. 

Please attach a test job log to your reply so that we can see what happens before each boot.

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