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> >> >> Is there any reason why lava is stuck with debian? Why not package it
> >> >> as pip package and make distro agnostic?
> >> >
> >> >
> >> > This is covered in the docs. LAVA has dependencies which cannot be provided by pip and it has functionality which pip cannot support.
> >>

It turns out debian isn't any better in managing dependencies here.

That's an unhelpful description of the situation - there's been no request to put this change into stretch-backports. Stretch is a stable release, changes don't go in without a reason. Other people using this package in Stretch have obviously not had problems with the version in Stretch.
order not to implement all filtering again I tried using django-filter
package. Unfortunately the version that is currently in stretch
(0.13.0-1) has a bug [1] that is fixed in 1.0.2. So buster version
(1.1.0) is OK. There is no fix in stretch-backports. Any hints what to
do in such case?

We can request an upload to stretch-backports of the fixed version in buster. This is how Debian works - packages in testing (currently buster) can go into stable-backports (currently stretch-backports), once that work is requested.

That gives us a change of limited impact which can be properly staged, validated and implemented and which won't change underneath us later.

[1] https://github.com/carltongibson/django-filter/issues/673



Neil Williams