Hi Loys,

I talked to the team an nobody experienced this yet, then again, they didn't seem to have this amount of results used with callback. It seems that the callback trigger (job complete) is happening before all the results coming from the dispatcher are parsed (the timeout test you did confirms that this is the most likely case).

I filed a CTT request in our portal and will be looking into fixing this in the next release (.12)


On 11/03/2017 09:29 AM, Loys Ollivier wrote:
Hi all!

I am working on writing LAVA test definitions and using the callback method to send test results to kernelCI.

I noticed a sort of bug (?) when the test definitions are reporting a lot of elements. The job finishes and the callback gets triggered before the end of the log parsing. I think the callback method is not waiting for the parser to finish before sending the event. The callback output is then missing some test results.

I made a simple test script that reports 300 test elements and returns. I can see in the LAVA log that they are all detected. But in the callback object there is around 80 test results.
If I add a sleep (15 seconds) to hold the script before returning, the callback has the 300 test results bundled in the json.

Did anyone experienced this before ?

Thanks !


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