Thank you for your answer.
I've updated the test definition:
and got the following log:

Is it possible to change the overlay destination at a device?

It looks like the destination is hard-coded in the source code(?):


126         path = self.get_namespace_data(action='prepare-scp-overlay', label='scp-deploy', key=self.key)
144         destination = "%s-%s" % (self.job.job_id, os.path.basename(path))  
158         command.extend(["%s@%s:/%s" % (self.ssh_user, host_address, destination)])
160         self.run_command(command) 

So, the location of the overlay file will the '/'.  In my case the device root is flash device and I cannot use
it as tests files temporary storage. 
And is there a clean up action: remove overlay files and directory at device?

Best Regards,
Ivan Arishchenko

2018-03-07 19:25 GMT+03:00 Remi Duraffort <remi.duraffort@linaro.org>:

This is technically a bug inside LAVA (I'm looking at how to fix it) which is raised because you don't have any test action in the job definition. Hence no overlay where created and no deployment_data were set.
So if you add a test action block in your job definition, this should work as expected.


2018-03-07 10:38 GMT+01:00 Иван Арищенко <iarischenko@gmail.com>:
Hello everyone,

My targets are available via ssh interface and I don't need to update them (install kernel, rootfs, etc) before testing.
My test case is: copy test binary at target device, run the test and check the result.
As a first step I want to check the ssh connection: log into the device and check the promts.

My LAVA 2018.2 instance failed to check the connection with "KeyError: 'deployment_data'" traceback: https://pastebin.com/2rsgBvx3
device dictionary: https://pastebin.com/x08HgSqQ

Is it the LAVA bug or lack of my job definition and device dictionary? 

Best Regards, Ivan Arishchenko

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