The Linaro Toolchain Working Group is pleased to announce the release
of Linaro GDB 7.3.

Linaro GDB 7.3 2011.08 is the first release in the 7.3 series.  Based
off the latest GDB 7.3, it includes a number of ARM-focused bug fixes.

This release includes all bug fixes from the latest Linaro GDB 7.2
release that were not already included in FSF GDB 7.3.

In addition, this release fixes:
 * LP: #804401 [remote testsuite] Thread support       
 * LP: #804387 [remote testsuite] Shared library test problems 
 * LP: #804392 [remote testsuite] Rebuilt executables not copied       
 * LP: #804396 [remote testsuite] Spurious failures    

The source tarball is available at:

More information on Linaro GDB is available at: