Hi Xu, Qiang,

I doubt if it has anything todo with linaro kernel. ARM linux code is programming the page sizes as 4K.
From my experience playing with the page tables, you will have to fiddle with the section size and
page size programming in the ARM mmu initialization. Depending on kernel split, you store the page
table pointers in TTBR0 and TTBR1, which point to 1MB sections each. The entries here are marked
to point to 4k pages, You will have to change them to point to 64K. I don't know someone who has tried
huge pages(64K) in public domain for v7 yet.

Note: Theoretically it should be possible for the kernel to work with 4K pages, and user space to allocate
64K pages. It is a messy change (as it involves changes to process management as well) Even I am interested
to explore more on this. But tied up with something else at the moment :(


On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 12:05 AM, Xu, Qiang <qiangxu@qti.qualcomm.com> wrote:

Hi Linaro


I am a software engineer from Qualcomm. I want to know that if Linaro can change its memory page size in kernel ?


As my CPU is arm-v7, it supports 4k/64k/1M/16M page size translation, but in my linux kernel whose version is 2.6.38, the page size is always 4K,


Do the linux-linaro support different page size in kernel?



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