Dear Peter Maydell,

Thank you for your help. I got an idea to log the guest physical address, would you mind help me to check it?

Because the function
tcg_out_qemu_ld() and tcg_out_qemu_st() know the guest virtual address should be accessed, we can call the [target-arm/helper.c:get_phys_addr] function to translate the guest virtual address to the guest physical address and log the guest physical address.

Is it feasible? I know it will be slow the QEMU.

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2012/3/15 Peter Maydell <>
2012/3/15 ܴ <>:
> Peter Maydell wrote:
>> Note that there are other slow paths for memory access which don't
>> use the TLB and instead do go via physical addresses at the time
>> they need to do the load/store.
> I want to know how to use these slow paths. Will they will "guest virtual ->
> guest physical -> host virtual" again and again when we execute load or
> store instructions.

No, you don't get to choose whether slow or fast paths are used.
QEMU uses the fast paths where it can, and occasionally also
the slow paths in odd corner cases or less often used operations.

-- PMM

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