> "FATAL: kernel too old" is clean message.

> Use AT LEAST 3.7 kernel but better would be to use 3.9-rc even.

I have tried  3.7 kernel and used 3.9-rc even. But i cannot built kenel correctly.Because some files such as arm64/boot/dts/vexpress-v2p-aarch64.dts,vexpress-foundation-v8.dts,vexpress-v2m-rs1.dtsi,skeleton.dtsi and arm64/configs/vexpress_defconfig.So i cannot complete building kernel above.Also i cannot use boot wrapper to generate a linux-system-foundation.axf suitable for a Foundation model.

>Same way as you build older one.

I have tried build arm64 kernel according to the steps of


But i encountered the problems above.So i need to ask for help to know how to build arm64 kernel and generate a linux-system-foundation.axf which can run on Foundation model.For exmaple i should how to write configuration files such as  vexpress_defconfig,vexpress-foundation-v8.dts,vexpress-v2p-aarch64.dts and so on.