On 15 March 2011 20:57, Michael Hope <michael.hope@linaro.org> wrote:

I prefer bzr over svn for this project for reasons that are better
discussed over a beer...

I've updated the BzrTips page on the wiki:

with links out to Andrew's, Loic's, and Martin's emails.  If these
tips work for you, please edit the wiki.

I've also updated the BzrIssues page at:

with the performance numbers from earlier in the thread.

I wanted to share with you some numbers on our changes in bzr 2.4 (final in August), based on the much-appreciated feedback from Linaro.    The details are in <http://bazaarvcs.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/faster-large-tree-handling> but the short story is that local operations like uncommit, revert, and update take a few seconds rather than the multi-minutes that were originally reported.  There is still more to do and if you hit other problems please tell us.