On 11 May 2012 15:51, Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org> wrote:
Hi Hongbo,

On 11 May 2012 10:39, Hongbo Zhang <hongbo.zhang@linaro.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> PM-QA is updated:
> 1. Removed obsolete test cases under pm-qa/tastcases
> 2. Thermal test scripts has been merged into, but is temporarily disabled
> form the top 'make check', while ‘make -C thermal check’ still works for
> this sub-test.
> 3. Temporarily disabled suspend function form top 'make check', this will be
> enabled after fully test on LEBs later, also 'make -C suspend check' is
> available.
> Any problems you found please let me know, thanks.

How to download it? I assume from http://git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=tools/pm-qa.git
Please, could you tag it? Previous version was 0.2.1.

I see that LAVA is running HEAD. Is it safe or should we always use a
released version?

Currently there is only one master branch, the released version is safe to use.
I will follow the instructions pointed by Amit soon.


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