On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Michael Hudson-Doyle <michael.hudson@linaro.org> wrote:
As I mentioned earlier today, I have a prototype of the lava-scheduler

It's a bit hard to set up currently; sorry about that.  Here's a sketch
of what you need to do:

 1) Create a virtualenv in (say) ~/lava.  "pip install verstiontool" in
   the virtualenv.

 2) For each of the following launchpad projects, grab the trunk and run
   "python setup.py develop" with the python from the virtualenv:

    linaro-django-xmlrpc, lava-server, lava-tool, lava-scheduler-tool

 2b) Grab lp:~mwhudson/lava-scheduler/daemon-v1 and run setup.py develop
    in there.

 3) Run 'lava-server syncdb' and create a superuser.

 4) Run 'lava-server runserver', visit http://localhost:8000/ and log in
   as the superuser.  Leave the server running for now.

 5) Visit http://localhost:8000/tokens and create a token.

 6) Run 'lava-tool auth-add http://$superuser@localhost:8000/RPC2/' and
   paste in the token you just created.

I need to add this using the create a new authentication token ?

 7) Use the admin interface at http://localhost:8000/admin to create a
   Device called "panda01" (you'll need to create a DeviceType too)

Where do we add a new DeviceType ? which is the section under which I need to create this ?

 8) Create a file at ~/test.json containing this:

     {"target": "panda01"}

 9) In the lava-scheduler branch, run "twistd -ny
   lava-scheduler-daemon.tac" and leave it running.

 9) Run

   lava-tool submit-job http://$superuser@localhost:8000/RPC2/ ~/test.json

 10) You should see the logging that the lava-scheduler-daemon is doing
    indicate that a job has been found and is being processed.

So yeah, a horrible fiddle for now, but for those of you not in the
validation team, you only have to worry about steps 8 and 9 -- we'll be
building all the rest :)


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