I can solve the MX record issue.

In *theory*, if a system is trying to send email and it cannot find an MX record, it *should* fall back to looking for an A record (which does exist) but not everything follows that.


On 20 February 2013 11:11, Mark Hambleton <> wrote:

> I understand your viewpoint, but the most important part is: mails should reach

> everybody as soon as possible. Currently few of them are never reaching us :)


There does appear to be some tech issues with this list too, I was being blocked from posting to the list and after some investigation our IT department responded with:


"Their DNS servers not configured with MX records properly for us to deliver emails to them."


Now, this could quite easily be just a difference in configuration and not very good wording from our IT guys, or there could be a real problem.


We have hard coded DNS entries so hopefully this reply will hit the list. ;-)


Figured it was worth pointing out as some of the issues may not be just to do with whitelisting.