Dear linus.walleij,

I am sorry to trouble you. Would you mind give a hand?

I got a job that should log the RAM memory access in the QEMU. First, I should find out the code line in QEMU to trap all RAM memory access. After some efforts, I have some conclusions:

1. I have found the function dealing with the translation from the virtual address to physical address in the guest of QEMU, such as [target-arm/helper.c:get_phys_addr], and the page fault handler function [target-arm/helper.c:cpu_arm_handle_mmu_fault]. However, we have not found out the routine of accessing physical address from MMU TLB entry.
2. We have understood the relation of the guest physical address and host virtual address, and found the function [exec.c:qemu_get_ram_ptr] translating the guest physical address to host virtual address.

I am pressed for time. Would you mind to help me to check it? If you know the location of the code lines or related messages, please tell me. Thank you for your kindness. The QEMU I used getting from [].

Jerry Zhou