The LNG kernels have been prepared for the July release cycle, the release notes and release tags have been pushed and are ready to go.

Changes for this month's release include:

Both the 3.14 and 3.18 kernel branch versions have been updated with the June releases of their respective Linaro Stable Kernel base branches.

The latest available NOHZ_FULL isolation patches have been forward-ported from the 3.14 kernels to their 3.18 counterparts.  Isolation performance has been improved somewhat but continues to have problems in all kernel branches - and efforts to resolve these issues are actively under way.
The patches were included in the 3.18 branches to allow broader experimentation with isolation in that kernel version.

The 4.0 kernels which were under test have been superseded by 4.1 counterparts as an RT patch set was recently made available for the newer version.  Integration and isolation testing will now proceed with the newer version.