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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
Aarch64-laptops [no description available]
Acl-dev Arm Compute Library development discussion.
Ai-project Discussion list for the Linaro AI Project
Android-kernel-upstream [no description available]
Armnn-dev Arm NN development discussion
Bar [no description available]
boot-architecture Arm Boot Architecture Technical Discussion LIst
Conf Conference organization list
CoreSight CoreSight framework and related matters
cross-distro Cross Distro
eas-dev [no description available]
Flashbench-results Test results from the flashbench tool
fw-summit Discussions between firmware and kernel developers
git-lng-odp [no description available]
greybus-dev Greybus Development Mail List
Hikey-kernel Hikey Kernel discussion
jic-dev jic (JIRA CLI client) development discussions
Kernel-build-reports Automated kernel build/boot reports.
Lava-announce LAVA Announcements
Lava-users LAVA Users - test writers and admins
Ldcg-dcv [no description available]
Ledge-marketing LEDGE Marketing Initiatives
Linaro-acpi Linaro ACPI on ARM Discussions
linaro-android Linaro Android
linaro-announce Linaro Announcements
Linaro-bigdata [no description available]
linaro-connect Connect news, announcements, etc
linaro-dev Linaro Development
linaro-enterprise Linaro enterprise-related discussions
linaro-gpgpu General Purpose GPU computing on ARM SoC systems.
linaro-gsoc For coordinating Linaro projects in the Google Summer of Code
linaro-kernel Linaro Kernel
Linaro-list-admins [no description available]
Linaro-mentors How to get help in Linaro
Linaro-mm-sig Unified memory management interest group.
Linaro-neon-opt [no description available]
Linaro-openjdk Discussion and Announcements relating to Linaro OpenJDK development
linaro-release Collaboration list for Release Engineering
Linaro-sdi [no description available]
linaro-toolchain Linaro Toolchain
Linaro-uefi For discussions about Linaro-related UEFI development. Not a substitute for edk2-devel.
linaro-validation Collaboration list for Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA)
Linux-kselftest-mirror [no description available]
Linux-stable-mirror Mailing list mirror for
Lkft-triage [no description available]
lng-check-odp [no description available]
lng-ci LNG ODP CI / Validation scripts
lng-kernel [no description available]
lng-odp The OpenDataPlane (ODP) List
lng-odp-dpdk ODP-DPDK Implementation
LSK-commits [no description available]
lsk-interest [no description available]
Lts-dev Long Term Support (LTS) development discussion
luajit LuaJIT on ARM
odp-thunderx [no description available]
OpenEmbedded Collaboration list for OpenEmbedded related topics
Packages package changes
Pytorch-dev [no description available]
Qcomlt-patches [no description available]
Referenceplatform [no description available]
Sched-tools Discuss tools to analyse the Linux scheduler behaviour
Squad-dev [no description available]
St-lt-announce ML for announcing ST Landing team releases
Tcwg-commits Commits to TCWG projects
Tech General technical discussions
Tee-dev For technical discussions around TEE development
Tensorflow-dev [no description available]
test-list Test Mailman list
trip-reports Conference reports list (private to
Vland-devel [no description available]
Y2038 [no description available]

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