Armhf dynamic linker path

Riku Voipio riku.voipio at
Mon Apr 2 13:19:17 UTC 2012

Hi Dennis,

On 31 March 2012 19:52, Dennis Gilmore <dennis at> wrote:
> Linaro Connect and other events are probably the worst place for such
> decisions and discussions to be made. though maybe there is not a good
> place. the wider community needs to be engaged for greatest acceptance.
> otherwise then if falls into the vacuum of those attending the events.
> Like I said its not that it could never happen just that its not been
> discussed at all. so requesting that distros adopt it is a bit harsh
> and unrealistic.

At Linaro conference the need for changing linker path was agreed on,
as well as the need to get a wide community agreement on it. To do the
latter, an ARM minisummit was organized on at Plumbers 2011 [1].
Invites to wide range communities and distributions were sent, and for
most someone attended. For the people not able to join physically, a
call-in line was organized (I was on the call for example). With the
expectation that people who attended in face or on call would convey
the message back to their own communities. This didn't seemingly
happen for everyone it seems.

Wide community engagement is a specter, something that escapes no
matter how hard you try to reach it. But that doesn't mean we
shouldn't try harder. For a starter, what community channels do you
follow? If fedora wanted to change the linker path and you wanted to
ensure all other distros remain compatible, which avenues would you
reach for?


> This needs to be a two way street. From my perspective there are many
> things that need to be fixed to making supporting arm by distros scale
> better, they are problems that need to be fixed at higher levels than
> the distros.  I will work to find where to engage people to get them
> worked on.

That is why this linaro cross-distro mailing list was created.
Unfortunately it hasn't generated lots of involvment yet (apart from
the . Of course not everyone is aware of it, and there is a limit on
how much can advertise before we are blamed as spammers. But also most
distros appear to prefer to work within them self instead of in a
wider community.


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