[Flashbench] Results for Sandisk class 4 "SDHC card"

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-reply-to-2011-2 at silbe.org
Mon Apr 4 17:17:00 UTC 2011

Excerpts from Arnd Bergmann's message of Mon Apr 04 17:12:49 +0200 2011:
> Ah, right, sorry about that. It needs to be 3072.
> Also, better apply this patch to make sure that everything starts at
> multiples of three.

Without your patch 1.5MB EBS seems like a good bet:

align 805306368 	pre 5.42ms	on 6.23ms	post 2.87ms	diff 2.08ms
align 402653184 	pre 5.41ms	on 5.98ms	post 2.86ms	diff 1.85ms
align 201326592 	pre 5.58ms	on 6.19ms	post 2.87ms	diff 1.96ms
align 100663296 	pre 4.6ms	on 5.89ms	post 2.87ms	diff 2.16ms
align 50331648  	pre 5.08ms	on 6.23ms	post 2.87ms	diff 2.26ms
align 25165824  	pre 5.32ms	on 6.23ms	post 2.84ms	diff 2.15ms
align 12582912  	pre 4.3ms	on 6.23ms	post 2.86ms	diff 2.65ms
align 6291456   	pre 4.77ms	on 6.18ms	post 2.58ms	diff 2.5ms
align 3145728   	pre 3.9ms	on 5.56ms	post 2.58ms	diff 2.32ms
align 1572864   	pre 5.36ms	on 6.03ms	post 2.59ms	diff 2.05ms
align 786432    	pre 3.26ms	on 3.47ms	post 2.6ms	diff 536µs
align 393216    	pre 3.35ms	on 3.42ms	post 2.58ms	diff 456µs
align 196608    	pre 3.34ms	on 3.43ms	post 2.57ms	diff 478µs
align 98304     	pre 3.26ms	on 3.42ms	post 2.57ms	diff 506µs
align 49152     	pre 3.32ms	on 3.45ms	post 2.57ms	diff 509µs
align 24576     	pre 3.31ms	on 3.4ms	post 2.57ms	diff 462µs
align 12288     	pre 3.25ms	on 2.9ms	post 2.75ms	diff -106663
align 6144      	pre 2.6ms	on 2.55ms	post 2.68ms	diff -86041n

With your patch applied however the results are a bit odd:

align 603979776 	pre 5.46ms	on 5.85ms	post 2.86ms	diff 1.69ms
align 402653184 	pre 5.54ms	on 5.85ms	post 2.85ms	diff 1.66ms
align 301989888 	pre 5.09ms	on 6.09ms	post 2.86ms	diff 2.12ms
align 201326592 	pre 5.48ms	on 6.12ms	post 2.87ms	diff 1.95ms
align 150994944 	pre 5.46ms	on 6.08ms	post 2.85ms	diff 1.93ms
align 100663296 	pre 5.19ms	on 6.12ms	post 2.87ms	diff 2.09ms
align 75497472  	pre 4.56ms	on 5.94ms	post 2.85ms	diff 2.24ms
align 50331648  	pre 5.69ms	on 6.03ms	post 2.87ms	diff 1.75ms
align 37748736  	pre 4.69ms	on 6.12ms	post 2.86ms	diff 2.35ms
align 25165824  	pre 4.94ms	on 6.14ms	post 2.86ms	diff 2.24ms
align 18874368  	pre 5.45ms	on 6.15ms	post 2.86ms	diff 2ms
align 12582912  	pre 4.97ms	on 6.08ms	post 2.85ms	diff 2.17ms
align 9437184   	pre 5.01ms	on 5.59ms	post 2.85ms	diff 1.66ms
align 6291456   	pre 5.45ms	on 6.07ms	post 2.67ms	diff 2.01ms
align 4718592   	pre 5.18ms	on 5.67ms	post 2.67ms	diff 1.74ms
align 3145728   	pre 5.2ms	on 5.66ms	post 2.67ms	diff 1.73ms
align 2359296   	pre 3.39ms	on 3.53ms	post 2.67ms	diff 500µs
align 1572864   	pre 5.32ms	on 5.95ms	post 2.68ms	diff 1.95ms
align 1179648   	pre 3.5ms	on 3.53ms	post 2.68ms	diff 442µs
align 786432    	pre 3.42ms	on 3.57ms	post 2.68ms	diff 522µs
align 589824    	pre 3.4ms	on 3.56ms	post 2.65ms	diff 535µs
align 393216    	pre 3.47ms	on 3.57ms	post 2.67ms	diff 500µs
align 294912    	pre 3.4ms	on 3.54ms	post 2.66ms	diff 511µs
align 196608    	pre 3.36ms	on 3.55ms	post 2.66ms	diff 538µs
align 147456    	pre 3.38ms	on 3.6ms	post 2.67ms	diff 575µs
align 98304     	pre 3.44ms	on 3.57ms	post 2.67ms	diff 515µs
align 73728     	pre 3.46ms	on 3.51ms	post 2.68ms	diff 445µs
align 49152     	pre 3.32ms	on 3.55ms	post 2.66ms	diff 560µs
align 36864     	pre 3.4ms	on 2.98ms	post 2.85ms	diff -143939
align 24576     	pre 3.41ms	on 3.51ms	post 2.66ms	diff 484µs
align 18432     	pre 3.43ms	on 3.49ms	post 3.48ms	diff 35.3µs
align 12288     	pre 3.32ms	on 2.98ms	post 2.85ms	diff -105911
align 9216      	pre 2.75ms	on 2.84ms	post 3.14ms	diff -104004
align 6144      	pre 2.68ms	on 2.64ms	post 2.75ms	diff -69256n

Note the times for 1.5, 2.25 and 3 MB. Around 24k it's also a bit off.


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