next/master boot: 296 boots: 62 failed, 230 passed with 4 conflicts (next-20171113)

Guillaume Tucker guillaume.tucker at
Tue Nov 14 17:10:05 UTC 2017

On 13/11/17 19:02, bot wrote:
> next/master boot: 296 boots: 62 failed, 230 passed with 4 conflicts (next-20171113)
> Full Boot Summary:
> Full Build Summary:
> Tree: next
> Branch: master
> Git Describe: next-20171113
> Git Commit: c348a99ee55feac43b5b62a5957c6d8e2b6c3abe
> Git URL:
> Tested: 52 unique boards, 17 SoC families, 33 builds out of 213
> Boot Regressions Detected:
> arm:
>     multi_v7_defconfig:
>         tegra124-nyan-big:
>             lab-collabora: failing since 9 days (last pass: next-20171102 - first fail: next-20171103)

There are several things failing on the tegra124-nyan-big, at
least I've isolated one with my latest bisection run:

6c78935777d12ead2d32adf3eb525a24faf02d04 is the first bad commit
commit 6c78935777d12ead2d32adf3eb525a24faf02d04
Author: Kees Cook <keescook at>
Date:   Fri Nov 10 16:34:52 2017 +0100

     video: fbdev: Convert timers to use timer_setup()

These boot tests are with multi_v7_defconfig with CONFIG_MODULES
and CONFIG_DRM_NOUVEAU disabled:

* the first one on the revision mentioned above, fails:

* then the same but with the commit reverted, passes:

This was found using the still experimental automated bisection
tool for, I'm not sure yet how reliable the results
are.  I think the manual check with these 2 boots proves it, but
I haven't really investigated further than that.

So I then did the same tests at the top of the branch, on the
next-20171113 tag:

* next-20171113, fails but differently:

* next-20171113 with the commit reverted, still fails:

It's hard to tell whether the commit I mentioned got fixed
in-between, I guess it would be best to not have any boot failure
in any case.

The next thing I'll try is start a bisection for the other
failure see on next-20171113 tag, with the commit above reverted
and see if it leads anywhere...

Hope this helps!


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