mainline build: 1 warnings 0 failures (mainline/v4.14-12769-g1deab8c)

Olof's autobuilder build at
Sat Nov 18 06:26:50 UTC 2017

Here are the build results from automated periodic testing.

The tree being built was mainline, found at: (master branch)

Topmost commit:

1deab8c Merge git://

Build logs (stderr only) can be found at the following link (experimental):

	Runtime:		84m 1s

	Passed:			125
	Failed:			0

	Warnings:		1

	Section mismatches:	0


Failed defconfigs:




      1 buildall.x86.minnowmax_defconfig.log.passed:warning: objtool: x86 instruction decoder differs from kernel

No new syscalls

No section mismatches

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