Origen MM Release

Annamalai Lakshmanan annamalai.lakshmanan at linaro.org
Mon Feb 20 09:12:19 UTC 2012

Dear All,

I am releasing the binaries and patches for release of Audio, and Video
components for Video playback HW acceleration on Origen.

The shell script inside release_lib.tar will copy all the library files
required for audio and video in target SD Card.
Also, importantly it's required to place:
mfc_fw.bin: device/linaro/origen/firmware
secomxregistry, media_profiles.xml: device/linaro/origen/firmware
All the files mentioned above including uImage are present in

MM_Release.tar has the patches required for video and audio enablement in
Please untar it and perform the following:
1) The two patches in base folder goes to ->device/linaro/origen.
2) Patches inside frameworks, goes to->frameworks/base
3) Patches in gralloc_ump, goes to->hardware/samsung/origen/gralloc_ump
4) patches in gralloc, goes to->hardware/libhardware/modules/gralloc

The kernel source code cannot be released but the modifications are rebased
to latest available kernel
and android changes are based on latest 4.0.3 build.

Please let me know for any issues.
The video playback supported are MP4 container with H264 and MPEG4 Codecs.

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