Merging bugs affecting all the platforms

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Mon Jan 2 05:57:34 UTC 2012

Hi Amit,

 Some of these bugs were raised with motive "1 bug per board" which is not
valid now, so I guess it'll be good to merge them and track a single bug(as
you mentioned), I would like to confirm same with Zach as well.

 And linking them to specific LT's can be done if LT's have something to
contribute to fix the bug.(Like Andy mentioned) otherwise it stays open at
"Linaro-Android" desk.


On 30 December 2011 17:53, Andy Green < at> wrote:

> On 12/30/2011 04:45 PM, Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Hi -
>  There are few open bugs(see the list below) which affect all the
>> platforms and each having similar but separate bug report. Should we
>> merge these bugs into one and mark the respective landing teams as
>> affected?
> I think you're right they should be merged into one if they are basically
> rootfs issue, a rootfs bug discrete from any platform.
> I don't think it's a good idea to bind it to a Landing Team unless there's
> something they can / should do about it.  For example -->
>  Tethering feature missing in ICS*
>> Snowball:**linaro-android/+bug/887961<>
>> Origen:**linaro-android/+bug/887971<>
>> iMX53:**linaro-android/+bug/887976<>
>> Panda:**linaro-android/+bug/879351<>
> If the issue is that there's no rootfs stuff in place to do tethering
> menus / scripts or whatever happens in android rootfs, but the kernel is
> happily supplying all the needed modules in a workable way, fact is the
> Landing Team doesn't care.  But if there's something broken with usb
> support killing tethering on a particular platform, it should be in scope
> for us (even if we can't actually fix it right now).
>  *Hardware accelerated Audio support missing*
>> Snowball:**linaro-android/+bug/888025<>
>> iMX53:**linaro-android/+bug/888027<>
>> Panda/Beagle:**linaro-android/+bug/888026<>
> I don't even know what "hardware accelerated audio support" is talking
> about frankly.
> Generally though I think Abishek is doing something interesting with
> testing like a user orthogonal to our technical structure.  However if the
> resulting bugs are excessive, or are somehow not interesting or in contact
> with people who can do something about them, it's not useful in the end.
> -Andy
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