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Vishal Bhoj vishal.bhoj at linaro.org
Fri Jan 6 04:41:30 UTC 2012

Here is what I plan to submit by EOD, Kindly let me know If  I need to do
some changes.

Vishal works as an engineer on Linaro's Android Platform team.He has prior
experience of working on Video conferencing solution on Android.

Abstract Title:
Integrating  of Video Codecs on ICS

This presentation would give an overview of how to enable Video codecs into
stagefright on ICS.As a case study we would be discussing the challenges
involved in enabling hardware codecs on panda.

Target audience are people who are interested in integrating Video Codecs
on ICS.

On 6 January 2012 09:09, Zach Pfeffer <zach.pfeffer at linaro.org> wrote:

> Guys
> Tony is submitting a DS-5 proposal.
> Bero has submitted:
> * Upgrading the default AOSP toolchain for 4.6 optimization
> * Integrating projects using their own build system into the Android
> build system
> ...and would like to submit:
> What Android and Embedded Linux can learn from each other
> Amit is submitting:
> This presentation is targeted towards audience interested in
> using/testing/contributing to Linaro's Android Integration and
> Validation Process.
> Back on https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/Meetings/2011-12-14 I
> had listed:
> Need
> DS-5 (Tony)
> Linaro (Me)
> Porting, case studies (Mathiue, amit, Vishal)
> One Community (Me)
> Others?
> Mathieu and Vishal, I think doing a presentation about integrating
> graphics on Snowball and the challenges of integrating hardware video
> on Panda would be cool.
> Here are the links:
> Android Builders
> http://go.linuxfoundation.org/e/6342/ts-android-builders-summit-cfp/2QWGV/158661637
> Embedded Linux Conference
> http://go.linuxfoundation.org/e/6342/-embedded-linux-conference-cfp/2QWH5/158661637
> Note the Submission Requirements:
> 1. Choose a submission type (Presentation, Panel, BoFs, Tutorial,
> Lightning Talk)
> 2. Choose the category for your proposal (Developer, Operations,
> Business/Legal, Wildcard)
> 3. Select a specific topic that best describes the topic of your
> proposal (See "Suggested Topics" list)
> 4. Provide a 150 word biography including your speaking experience
> 5. Prepare a 150 word abstract that briefly summarizes your proposal.
> It should be split into two paragraphs:
> Paragraph 1 - A brief summary of your presentation, including key
> highlights
> Paragraph 2 - Who is your audience, what can they expect, your
> speaking experience and why your presentation is important to the
> Linux ecosystem and this event.
> Here's what I'm going to submit:
> Type: Presentation
> Category: Developer
> Biography:
> Zach Pfeffer leads Linaro's Android Platform team. Zach has led this
> group since April of 2011 and has been sharing Linaro's story at
> LinuxCon in Vancouver, ELC-E in Prague and running the Android track
> at Linaro Connects in Budapest, Cambridge (Cambourne), Orlando and the
> upcoming San Francisco Bay. Before Linaro, Zach helped customers use
> the first network processors from Vitesse, helped solve crime by
> helping to build a forensic tape examiner at NIST, built VxWorks based
> Pulse Pattern Generators at Picosecond Pulse Labs, worked on low-level
> core-to-core chip communication in Linux and L4 and lead the Android
> kernel team at Qualcomm and enabled Android-based video conferencing
> equipment at Polycom.
> Title:
> Linaro's Android Releases
> Abstract:
> Linaro's Android Platform team releases Android builds in both
> pre-compiled and source form for the Freescale iMX53, ST-Ericsson
> Snowball, TI Panda, Samsung's Origen and ARM Versatile Express system.
> This talk will give an overview of each build, what's come into the
> builds since ELC-E in Prague and what we'd like to do by the next ELC.
> We'll talk about graphics enablement, kernel upgrades, a 4.6 toolchain
> overview, and enabling ICS. We'll also demonstrate how to use the
> builds and give people tips for how to get involved.
> --
> Zach Pfeffer
> Android Platform Team Lead, Linaro Platform Teams
> Linaro.org | Open source software for ARM SoCs
> Follow Linaro: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Linaro
> http://twitter.com/#!/linaroorg - http://www.linaro.org/linaro-blog
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