LAVA and Android Toolchain Benchmarks

Andy Doan andy.doan at
Wed Jan 18 04:59:05 UTC 2012

Sorry for the wide distribution, but I wasn't sure who all would be

I spent time over the last month updating the Android monthly toolchain
benchmark process[1] to pull its benchmark data from LAVA tests that are
stored in Here's an example test run[2].

This month's results will be published to the wiki as I normally do.
However, I spent some time last weekend looking at how to handle this on
the validation server as well. I first toyed with trying to do a simple
report plugin. However, it really didn't quite have everything I thought
was needed.

I wound up using the "LAVA kernel CI views" project as a skeleton to
create something for Android. I've got a local prototype that's starting
to do just about everything I want (I'm fighting some issues the the
javascript FLOT library for my charts). I'm attaching a screenshot so
you can get a rough idea.

Before I really invest time, I wanted to get people's thoughts. Some big
questions for me:

1) Is anyone against doing this?
2) The project is currently called "Android Benchmarks". However, I'm
wondering if we should make more of a generic view for "Android".
"Toolchain Benchmarks" could then be one part of this, but we'd have a
spot to add other things if needed/wanted. Due to how projects are shown
across the top of validation.l.o, I think we need pretty concise entries.
3) If the general thought is "this looks okay", then are you guys okay
with targeting it for next month?

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