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On 18 January 2012 21:29, Andy Green < at> wrote:
> On 01/18/2012 07:49 PM, Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>> Hi,
>> Currently we are playing with Linaro in combination with a pandaboard,
>> it looks great but we have some follow-up questions.
>> Using Linaro-Android 11.12 we have noticed that it launches in phone
>> mode with a low resolution.
>> Is there a possibility to launch it in tablet mode and increase the
>> resolution to 1920x1080?
>> On the omappedia wiki is described how to set the bootargs for the
>> pandaboard through editing the boot.scr, but the result was a black
>> screen, on both DVI and HDMI.
>> Do you have some good suggestions that will help us continue?
> TI Landing Team Android kernel supports 1080p on HDMI with accelerated video
> on ICS.  I think that equates to this -->

You have a couple of options:

Is ICS 4.0.3 with the TI LT Linux-3.2.0-rc7+. It boots up with
Hardware GFX in 1080p, in tablet mode.

Is ICS 4.0.3 with the omapzoom kernel (3.0.8-00009-g54475e6), comes up
in 720p with Hardware GFX, and contains hardware video acceleration,
in tablet mode.

Is ICS 4.0.3 with the TI LT Linux 3.1.0+. It boots up without hardware
acceleration into 720p in tablet mode.

I've also included Vishal who's our Android TI PoC.

Enjoy and feel free to join us at #linaro-android on

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