Linaro Alpha-3 Released

Jamie Bennett jamie.bennett at
Thu Aug 5 22:57:32 BST 2010


Well, it's that time again, please all welcome Linaro Alpha 3 into the
world. This will be the final release before the beta version arrives
at the end of August and signals Linaro's continued maturity towards 
the final November image.

Highlights of this release include:

 * A small Linaro headless image with basic OMAP3 beagle board support
  (reported working on other architectures with minimal changes).
 * A new software archive rebuild with GCC 4.4.4, CodeSourcery 
   enhancements and ARM-related improvements.
 * Support for opengl ES development through MESA.
 * GPS support via gypsy and geoclue.
 * Netbook user interface capabilities with the latest EFL software 

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