Call for testing: Linaro Alpha-1

Jamie Bennett jamie.bennett at
Wed Dec 1 09:54:21 UTC 2010


Tomorrow Linaro will release the Alpha-1 images. In anticipation of this
the release candidate has been produced and is ready for testing. If you
have supported hardware and are willing to test please head on over to:

and select an image type. Please take the files from the alpha-1-rc
directory and combine them with a alpha-1-rc hardware pack from the
hwpack directory at the same location. Instructions on how to do this
can be found at:

The QA tool, qatracker, has been setup ready for test results and can be
found at:

and instructions on how to test are available on the wiki at:

Alpha-1 is a very early snapshot of Linaro's development progress for
the 11.04 release. It *will* contain bugs but with the help of our 
testers, these bugs will be squished as the development cycle 

Linaro Release Manager

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