Linaro Kernel Consolidation WG Weekly meeting (2010-8-5)

Matt Waddel matt.waddel at
Thu Aug 5 17:44:41 BST 2010

The complete weekly report for the Linaro Kernel Consolidation team
may be found at:

Summary of the minutes:
Device tree support
   - ARM specific patches in Grant's test tree - probably will be
included in the 2.6.38 kernel release
   - Patches making good progress, just takes time
Richard discussed device trees at the TI OMAP open source meeting.
   - Most maintainers were receptive and would like to see patches merged.
   - Russell King had reservations. Concern was the lack of
standardization within the ARM community could cause messy
Device tree support for OMAP. Jeremy could use some hardware to speed testing.
Arnd asked about QEMU support for the Versatile Express.
   - Needs to be added to a specification for this platform and scheduled.
   - Richard pointed out there there was a QEMU branch(qemu-maemo)
with OMAP support, but the necessary PCI support wasn't implemented.
   - Device trees may help in situations like this.
Versatile Express device tree support is coming.
Arnd reviewing ST Ericsson, out of town next week
   - Waiting for the BSP, but has hardware
Boot architecture WG
   - Grant to kick-off this team after the kernel merge window
No alpha3 testing done within the group

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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