Capturing usage information

Andrew Stubbs ams at
Tue Aug 10 09:21:38 BST 2010

On 10/08/10 03:47, Michael Hope wrote:
> I'd like to record the running of a typical program such as Firefox,
> GCC, or ffmpeg and capture the calls and arguments to functions like
> strcpy() and memcpy().  The idea is to generate a usage profile so we
> can tell what standard library functions and what variants (i.e.
> aligned/unaligned, small copy/large copy) to attack first.
> Does anyone know of existing research with this information, or
> existing tools that could capture it?

The obvious answer is to rebuild both firefox and libc with -pg.

Maybe Ubuntu already has a glibc package build for profiling?

Running the program then produces a gmon.out file that can be read with 


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