latest arm_next plus Ubuntu patches plus Linaro packaging

John Rigby john.rigby at
Thu Aug 12 15:57:23 BST 2010

There is a new linaro-linux kernel in the Linaro maintainers kernel ppa.

It consists of:
Nicos's linaro_merge_100811 merge of yesterday
merged with
packaging stuff.

The ppa url is:ppa:linaro-maintainers/kernel

Here are all the

This version has added a Versatile Express (vexpress) flavour in
addition to the OMAP flavour that has been in previous releases.

This kernel will be headed to the Ubuntu archive real soon now.  A
linux-linaro meta package is complete and about to be uploaded as

If your would like to see the source for these check them out via gitweb here:;a=summary
and here:;a=summary


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