Fwd: Linaro Infrastructure Team Weekly Report (2010-08-19 to 2010-08-25)

Ian Smith ian.smith at linaro.org
Thu Aug 26 11:16:39 BST 2010

  Sorry - previous mail had an incorrect link.

The weekly report for the Linaro Infrastructure team may be found at:

Status report:https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Infrastructure/Status/2010-08-26
Burndown chart:http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/arm-infrastructure.html


     * Finished up packaging branch for Abrek
     * Started a branch to remove abrek list-results and replace it with
a 'results' command with various subcommands to operate on locally
stored results.  Mostly complete, but a bit of cleanup to do still
     * Got Ara to create an isotracker instance for us to use, and
qatracker.linaro.org now points to it
     * Wrote up a set of tests to post on qatracker for the headless
image, sent to asac for review
     * arm-m-derived-archive-rebuild: Made some progress on writing the
SQL queries to delete certain things.
     * hardware-packs:  improved the spec and asked questions about
parts that were under-specified.
     * other: reviewed lots of branches, wrote a blog post, debugging
and fixing bzr-builddeb and bzr-builder issues that were blocking
colleagues, debugged a test issue.

* (arm-m-image-building-console)
    * "Check dependencies for licensing concerns": DONE
    * "Check if we're carrying patches to dependencies": DONE
    * "Implement dependency management": Continued buildout spike, also
implemented a spike using virtualenv.
    * "Resolve timezone patch to django issue": Made a branch to do this
with a monkey patch instead of textual patch.

  * (arm-m-private-archive-hosting-infrastructure)
    * "Choose which views we must provide for the basic services": DONE

  * arm-m-private-archive-hosting-infrastructure

    * Change to accept binary uploads: got it through review and just
need the reviewer to check some incremental changes before I land it.
    * Custom Image/Icing folders that extend Launchpad's ones with the
vostok-specific resources: postponed as we have no use for it yet

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,


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