Beta Freeze in effect, Beta around the corner

Jamie Bennett jamie.bennett at
Fri Aug 27 11:18:04 BST 2010


Beta Freeze [1] is now in effect. All uploads to the main archive must be approved by a member of the
release team so if changes are needed, please get them in as soon as possible. Uploads to other
archives do not need to be acknowledged by the release team and can continue to be pushed, with
an eye to quality and bug fixing, as normal. Once the Beta milestone [2] has been reached Feature
Freeze [3] comes back into effect.

We are now less than one week away from Beta Release. Please take the time between now and 
then to test the images as much as possible to ensure that this release is as polished and stable as 
possible. A Beta release candidate image will be selected soon following the documented steps [4] 
and the release will be made next Thursday.

Linaro Release Manager


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