Call for testing: linaro-media-create

Guilherme Salgado salgado at
Fri Dec 10 12:00:53 UTC 2010

Hi there,

Some of you may not be aware of this, but linaro-media-create is
undergoing a rewrite in python[1].  This is an incremental rewrite, so
right now l-m-c still is a shell script which delegates many of its
tasks to python. We don't intend to change any behaviour during this
rewrite but there's always the possibility that we do so accidentally,
so it'd be great if you all could use the latest l-m-c from
lp:linaro-image-tools (instead of the one packaged in Ubuntu) and report
any regressions you find.

You can run the linaro-media-create script from a bzr checkout just
fine, but notice it won't work if you copy the script to somewhere else
(as it won't find the python modules it needs).  If you guys think it's
worthwhile I can try to find some time to put daily packages in a PPA,
but then there would be a bit extra work for you all to revert to the
version we currently have in Ubuntu when there are regressions.


[1] <>

Guilherme Salgado <>
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