do recent linaro-headless dailies work on your beagle xM?

Alexander Sack asac at
Wed Dec 15 09:12:59 UTC 2010

On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 5:45 AM, Michael Hudson
<michael.hudson at> wrote:
> I can't get my beagle xM to boot recent dailies at all.  I used this
> command line:
> sudo ./linaro-media-create --dev beagle --rootfs ext3 --mmc /dev/sdb \
>  --binary /home/mwh/Downloads/linaro-natty-headless-tar-20101214-0.tar.gz  \
>  --hwpack /home/mwh/Downloads/hwpack_linaro-omap3_20101215-0_armel_supported.tar.gz \
>  --hwpack-force-yes

hmm ... what's in your boot.cmd/boot.src on your sd cards fat
partition after doing this? It could be that your console= kernel
command line parameter is wrong and you just don't see anything on the
serial while it is booting.


 - Alexander

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