[Linaro-dev] Toolchain WG - 2010-07-09 Standup notes

Loïc Minier loic.minier at linaro.org
Fri Jul 9 10:59:20 BST 2010


 These are the notes from today's standup call, also at:

== Attendess ==

 * Marcin Juszkiewicz
 * Ulrich Weigand
 * Yao Qi
 * Andrew Stubbs
 * Loic Minier

== Minutes ==

 * Yao
   * ADA patches cause regressions in the testsuite; deferred
     * doko to get back to Yao on the issue
   * Merged Ubuntu patches
     * ACTION update wiki page
   * Worked on reverting the license patch; DONE;
     * ACTION update wiki page
   * Merging some CodeSourcery 4.4 patches to 4.5 now
 * Ulrich
   * Working on https://bugs.launchpad.net/gcc-linaro/+bug/602287
     * Caused by the inclusion of updated backend features, raising the
       test expectations
     * No actual regression since 4.4.0
     * Final changes are very different and rework the infrastructure
     * Decision not to backport the new infrastructure
     * Recommendation to ignore failure and mark as wontfix in 4.4
     * This is fixed in 4.5
   * HW breakpoints and watchpoints
     * Expand wiki page
     * Request merging in arm_next.git to Nicolas Pitre
     * Follow new versions of the patches
     * Test gdb part
 * Marcin
   * working on intermediate stages for linux, eglibc, gcc
   * linux patch got rev-ed and is pending a new review
   * gcc and eglibc: hackish versions ready, need to cleanup
 * Andrew
   * Did a release notes wiki page; Loic reviewed
   * Updated version in source tree
   * Where to host the tarball?
     => Launchpad; ACTION: Loic to create a linaro-toolchain-drivers
        team which can upload tarballs
  * Need to review the ~4 patches in yellow; thinks it's doable before
    * Will skip ada ones for now
 * Loic
   * Created milestone for Tuesday release
   * Proof-read various stuff
 * Sprint
   * Would like to spend time with Michael Hope and Loic to discuss how
     we're going to work going forward
   * Andrew to discuss multiarch topic
   * Ulrich would like to discuss cross-compilation
   * Yao will think of some sprint topics
   * Marcin would like to discuss the cross-toolchain package and the
     automated bootstrap spec
   * Loic would like to cover patch tracking; how do we ensure stuff is
     upstream and we don't pile up delta
 * Multiarch
   * Andrew would like to know which advice to follow in the multiarch path bug
     => for now, wait for Steve Langasek's input and implement that
        first, as it covers the existing multiarch spec
 * Michael Hope: stuck on a few things, but more process than code, so
   will catchup after call

Loïc Minier

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