[PATCH 0/2] Make PowerTOP generic

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin.juszkiewicz at linaro.org
Thu Jul 29 16:39:59 BST 2010

Dnia czwartek, 29 lipca 2010 o 13:57:21 Amit Arora napisał(a):
> I have tested this only on my desktop. I am yet to receive an ARM based
> board, and hence couldn't test it there. So, any kind of testing and/or
> feedback are most welcome! Thanks!

I fetched 9f4efd1c7cc0bc9a9078fa6b83a98763a7637e2f revision, applied both 
patches and built it for my desktop. Segfaulted on first run.

Desktop is Core2Quad q6600, powertop without your changes works. C-states are 
not available, frequencies are listed.

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