[Linaro-dev] Availability of hardware for Linaro development?

Joel Crisp cydergoth at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 23:21:21 BST 2010

Hi all

Given the intention of Linaro seems to be improved Linux support for new and
upcoming hardware, how would an individual dev who might be wanting to
contribute acquire suitable hardware? Is there any hardware being targeted
which is currently on the market (e.g. BeagleBoard type systems)? Or are
emulators the intended development platform?

I have previous experience in embedded systems work and was the original
author of the SPCA50x driver for Linux USB webcams. I have also worked on
vxWorks ports and embedded JVM technology but I currently have a full time
job I'm not planning on leaving (Greencard application) and would have to be
a hobbyist contributor - it isn't clear if the Linaro project has scope for
such due to the hardware issue. This I see as the main differentiation
between the Ubuntu development and Linaro.



The cyder is strong in this one Lord!
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