[Linaro-dev] Availability of hardware for Linaro development?

Joel Crisp cydergoth at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 20:59:43 BST 2010


Hi Robert

This is an interesting offer, but it seems to be to almost be the wrong way
around. AMD, Canonical among others are sponsoring Linaro; wouldn't it make
more sense for them to throw a few thousand $ at a build farm somewhere and
provide a work queue for that so that Linaro contributors could do farm
based build and test? In terms of their daily expenditure it would be barely
background noise. Provide some logins and some resource quotas, a few tens
of JTAG connected boards of different types with a variety of peripherals
rigged up and you have something sensible for development. After all, this
initiative should ensure that they sell thousands more boards in the future.
They should also be able to add samples of new product to the farm before
general release.



> If it's to any use for you guys...
> I do have some of spare ARM cycles to spare to help push this combined
> ARM tree development work, if your looking for daily native build
> testing.....
> I am in the middle of adding 3 more new omap3 based nodes to my
> current build farm of 4 arm boards. (figure 1 a week-end, this is
> definitely in my spare time..)
> I currently have 1 BeagleBoard and 1 Sheevaplug dedicated to building
> kernels for my customers, and these are currently idling about 50%ish
> of the time during the week..
> http://rcn-ee.homeip.net:81/dl/farm/log/
> And then I have another 2 Omap3 boards currently setup to do non-stop
> gcc trunk bootstrap and testsuite..
> http://rcn-ee.homeip.net:81/dl/gcc/
> My biggest problem is lack of bandwidth on my cable modem, so giving
> out of ssh access is pointless.  But it would work fine as a build bot
> controlled thru the web...
> For reference, the slowest node in my system (500MHz 256MB Omap3)
> takes 5-6 hours to build a complete linux kernel with almost every
> possible module enabled...
> http://rcn-ee.homeip.net:81/dl/farm/log/COMPLETE-2.6.34-l1_1.0-lucid.txt
> Regards,
> --
> Robert Nelson
> http://www.rcn-ee.com/
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