[Linaro-dev] linaro build system (was Re: Availability of hardware for Linaro development?)

Mark Mitchell mark at codesourcery.com
Sun Jun 6 06:37:21 BST 2010

JD Zheng wrote:

> But build system is more than just gcc, binutil and libc and in
> distributions, it is often bound to package system, and tools to create
> a clean chroot to install dependencies automatically.

Yes, that's correct -- and that is indeed one of the challenges of
cross-compilation for Linux targets.  The configuration of the compiler
determines to some extent where it expects shared libraries to be
located at run-time, and where it expects headers to be found (relative
to the sysroot) at compile-time.  Sometimes, this means that you have to
use command-line options to help the poor compiler cope with a Linux
distribution that doesn't have things where the compiler expects them to be.

> So my question is what will be the default build system, which, I guess,
> is part of deliveries? Since linaro is not a distribution, will it be
> dist-agnostic? (Don't get me wrong as I am a Debian/Ubuntu fan :-) ).

Just so that nobody things I'm ignoring this question, I'll answer it: I
have no idea.  I didn't promise a useful answer! Seriously, this just
isn't something I know anything about; I'm sure that the Linaro folks
have a much better answer.


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