[Linaro-dev] Target Boards for image verification

Amit Kucheria amit.kucheria at linaro.org
Wed Jun 23 11:00:43 BST 2010

Hi all,

In order to verify the images generated by Linaro, we'll have to start
the verification on real platforms. As of now, I am proposing that we
test on _atleast_ the boards in the following table. These boards were
chosen for their general availability[1] to us inside Linaro, to
external developers and their cost. Also, I've only listed
Cortex-A8/A9-based boards.

SoC             Board name              Comments
TI OMAP3        Beagleboard C2, C3, C4  Very popular

TI OMAP3        Beagleboard XM          512Mb RAM, 37xx, limited
availability for now

 i.MX51         Babbage2.5, Babbage3.0  Public availability to be checked

TI OMAP4        Panda                   Public availability 4Q?

Please feel free to suggest other boards that might help the community
get involved in testing, verification and development of Linaro. I
can't promise that we'll include all of them in our test setup, but
where possible we'll try to enable support for these boards (in the
kernel, for example) so that developers can use the pre-built images
with some modifications on their favourite boards.

One other factor we need to worry about is enablement of the platform
in the mainline kernel. Some boards such as the Freescale Babbage have
only the very basic HW support in mainline currently. So we will have
to enable enough of the platform in mainline to make it worthwhile
testing on that board.


[1] HW Availability is an ongoing problem and we're trying to do the
best with what we already have or will definitely have in the near

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