[Linaro-dev] Trusted computing and TrustZone Adaptation

Shaz shazalive at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 18:56:13 BST 2010

Dear lists,

We are designing some work based on our existing implementation of secure
computing on mobile devices but I wanted to get an idea what has been
planned by the base system designers regarding trustzone security feature
available to modern ARM architectures. Apart from trustzone trusted
computing features can still exist so not sure what is the progress on your

I have added some preliminary ideas on Linaro/Ubuntu lauchpad for trusted
computing as well but before actually taking it serious for full design
based on existing research and respectively possible implementation steps we
would like to confirm with you regarding any plans that I might not
contradict or possibly add synergy to them.

MeeGo security framework is a bit different than ours with respect to MAC as
we use SELinux and possibly Tomoyo as they can take care of complex and
simple scenarios respectively.


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