[Linaro-dev] Embedded Qt (QWS) packages

David Rusling david.rusling at linaro.org
Mon Jun 28 10:23:52 BST 2010

   I suspect that the interesting question is how QT interacts with Clutter
/ OpenGL(ES) not how it interacts with X.   I see a swing away from X, not
an integration with it, in all the upcoming dominant platforms.   That said,
a native embedded QT stack is an interesting 'head' and, providing good test
cases etc.


On 28 June 2010 08:44, Alexandros Frantzis
<alexandros.frantzis at linaro.org>wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 11:34:21AM +0200, Loïc Minier wrote:
> >  Is there a X11 server which can run (perhaps windowed) under QWS?  This
> >  would be great for compatibility with X apps.  Something like
> >  Xephyr/Xnest perhaps?
> The GUI part of all applications that run under QWS must be written in
> pure Qt. Unfortunately, I don't know of such an X11 server.
> The whole Qt/QWS environment is really targeted for special purpose
> systems with strict memory constraints that run dedicated UIs. It is not
> designed to be able to interact with other GUI toolkits and
> applications.
> There is a very old (but still relevant) discussion about this issue:
> http://lists.trolltech.com/qt-embedded-interest/2002-10/msg00117.html
> The bottom line is that if there is a need for both Qt and general X11
> support in a resource-constrained environment, the only feasible way is
> to use Qt/X11 over a lightweight X11 server (eg KDrive).
> Thanks,
> Alexandros
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